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'Not For Profit' Organisation Strangles Dance Music Scene With Copyright Claims

So DJ's, remember when sharing mixes involved tapes & CD's? Listeners heard a track they liked & went & purchased it, followed the label, looked out for news on the artists etc. Those were the days hey? Now the method for sharing mixes is slightly different with the internet & the potential to share those mixes with more people. Like many DJ's after several attempts to keep my mixes on Youtube, Soundcloud & other websites I have become concerned at the copyright restrictions on music included in DJ mixes, the motive behind the copyright restrictions and the effects they have on the music scene.

The company responsible for most of these copyright claims is Merlin, a music rights agency representing independent artists & labels. I would like to address an open letter to them.

Dear Merlin,

I would like to tell you your stranglehold on underground music & independent labels is killing the underground music scene.

If you had any real history with or knowledge of the underground dance music industry you would know that the cross pollination from DJ sets to listeners is a large part of generating sales & exposure for labels. You insist on removing all mixes from youtube etc that contain the music of labels you represent, this act is detrimental to those labels. You are not representing their best interests, you are limiting their exposure.

You are simply a charlatan who has stepped in to make money from independent labels. You claim 'not for profit' which is misleading as it is known you earn your money by charging an administrative fee on members earnings.

I will from this point on be boycotting any label you represent.


20 years a DJ.

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